Welcome to the Telle Smellme Story!

Here you will find twenty-five serialized episodes of an epic tale. It is the tale of Telle Smellme, a deranged, religiously fanatic gnome. Poor Telle. Twisted by a childhood of suffering in a goblin village, his brain is now a desperate swamp of bile and loneliness, blanketed in a fog of ego and ambition.

In the Saga, Telle sets out on a quest for peace of mind. Along the way, he meets an intriguing band of generic fantasy characters like himself, and together they make history.

Is Telle a hero, or is he just a twisted little man? Find out:

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My Name is Telle Smellme

By Sean Bosker

With help from Jason Ellis
special thanks to Keren Form, Michael Putterman,
Eric Cardon, Meredith Schwarz, Will Hay, and Liz Burns

Image of Telle by Jaime Wolcott