Pinhead Games is a non-profit venture orchestrated by Mark Darin, a well known scientist from the Keebler Institute. He makes sweet, crispy adventure games playable for free over the web. I help a bit!

Showcased below are the three currently available pinhead games…more are on their way! Check out Pinhead Games regularly! You never know when you are going to miss something, but you can be pretty darn sure that you won’t. If you wanna see something really scary, check out his old Commodore 64 and Amiga games, such as Stick Fighter* and Last Pursuit of the Rainbow Ninja!

*Stick Fighter is based on the feature film, Presstime by Ron Watt, as examined in the documentary A Big, Blue Pain in the Ass, available for download at lookit-intense films.

Featured Pinhead Games:

Nick Bounty Games

Two modern classics, starring Nick Bounty, the fishy private detective that was conspicuously never referenced in such TV pilots as The New Bert and Ernie.

A Case of the Crabs:
“Best Indi Adventure”
Reader’s Choice 2004
~The Inventory Magazine





The Goat in the Grey Fedora

Top 20 2005




Brain Hotel

Brain Hotel is the creation of noted author Ron “Aalgar” Watt, from his wildly successful comic series, “Tales of the Odd”!

Brain Hotel
It Would Take A Superhero
to Save the Day…
…But Ed Got There First

“the game is very comedic in nature”

Role Playing Games:
Burning Roleplaying games are a great way to go insane and kill muggers, as we learned in the film, Mazes and Monsters. Recently, a new generation of RPGs is being born that offer us more effective ways of achieving that sought-after state of catatonic withdrawal from reality, or as we in the cult of roleplaying say, the “There’s Blood on My Knife” state. Below are my two favorite games:

Burning Wheel is just like Dungeons and Dragons if D&D had been created by a hardcore black metal band of sociopathic historians. Burning wheel eats D&D’s children, flays its women, tortures its leaders, and torches the church.



Rolling dice is fun, sure, we love it. But, it’s only suspenseful for as long as you shake the dice before rolling them. Jenga, on the other hand, is a slow burn. As the blocks are pulled out, the tension thickens until the fear of collapse becomes so great that you are afraid even to breathe.
That’s Dread…