One night, in fall 2000, Jason Ellis had been playing Diablo II for 37 hours straight, when his hardcore character bit the dust, (just as he was reaching for a Vex Rune). The shock sent Jason into a fit of hyperactive vomiting that was so violent, it ripped a hole in the fabric of time itself. The rift enabled an extraplanar monkey being to brachiate through the timestream and into Jason’s body for limited periods of time.

After breaching Jason’s consciousness, the super-evolved macaque would refer to himself as “Harry Heretic” and force Jason to create a strange body of songs.
Although the entity no longer visits Jason, we at World of Jason crafts have archived some of Harry’s music for posterity.
Below, please find some of Harry Heretic’s “droppings”:
– Pilot Alone

– Diablo II song

– To My Creditor

– Mystery Listerine

– Guy

The songs below were co-written
by Harry Heretic and Will Hay (as the WereWill)

– I got Molecules

– Games for your Mind

– Destination: Destiny (the heaviest song in the universe)